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Publications of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs

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  • The Official Gazette is a governmental publication for laws, royal decrees, royal decision, regulations, ministerial decisions, official and commercial announcements, and any other materials deemed to be necessary for the development and regulation of Omani society. The Official Gazette is regulated by the Law of the Official Gazette.

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    Annual Legislation Volumes

  • The Annual Legislation Volumes are published at the beginning of each year and it contains all royal decrees, laws, regulations, and ministerial and administrative decisions that are published in the issues of the Official Gazette of that year.

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    MJLA Principles of Legal Opinions Volumes

  • These annual volumes contain all the main principles extracted from legal opinions officially issued by the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.

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    Omani Law Index

  • This index is published to enable individuals to easily retrieve laws from the Official Gazette and the Annual Legislation Volumes. The index contains three sections and an addendum. The first section is an alphabetical index of all legislation, while the second section is a chronological index of royal decrees, laws, royal decisions, whereas the third section contains royal decrees ratifying international agreements entered into by the government, and finally the addendum contains a collection of royal decrees and royal decisions related to the appointment of government officials.

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    Electronic Publications

    • A compact disc collection containing all Omani Law Index.
    • A compact disc collection containing the MJLA Principles of Legal Opinions Volumes.